Monday, December 19, 2011

December 3, 2011: MTC Week 6

1. I would like more ties, some american candy would be awesome, like reeses, or starburst, or jolly ranchers, also I want a REAL Salt lake soccer jersey get the cheaper kind ( not vintage), preferably the really good striker who messed up his foot this year, I can´t remember his name..., and whatever else you want to send my way.
2. Not really needed yet but your sending it anyway.
3. it has to be package envelope thing not a box, boxes can´t get passed customs here, but in uruguay it´s opposite; boxes no package envolopes. so hopefully you didn´t send anything in boxes...
4. yes i´ve gotten the letter from you and the pictures.
P.S. I don´t read what you send until after I type and log off, so I answer questions from the last week in my e-mails, because i get 30 mins total

Now for this week, It´s been good. We went out to proselitismo and me and my comp ran into 5 people who spoke english!! it was crazy. 
We also got our first return date! We were talking to a mna about the Restoration, and he was really interested and asked us to come back next saturday. I hope we can plan a good lesson for him. Also we got 3 other referals for the missionaries out in Buenos Aires so I´m happy. Today we just got new Elders. it was sad to see the other´s leave because we´ve been with them for 6 weeks now, but it´s cool to see new people and get to know them. Their is Elder´s Brown, Brown, Kohl, Nord, Childers, Wald, and Elder Mitchell from New Zealand and a lot of new latino Elders. They´re all pretty cool and it´s always fun to be the "big dogs" who know everything. 

We almost had to swith teachers too, whoch would have been sad because We´ve had the same teachers for 6 week now and they´re the best. But it was a missunderstanding so it´s fine now. also my spelling is not very good because 1: I´m using a spanish keyboard, and 2. Spanish is messing with my spelling alot, so sorry....

I found out the NBA finally made a dal to start around Christmas.......FINALLY! too bad half the season will be lost. You would think they would have learned from last time this happened.... But  i´m glad to hear it´s not over.
With basketball is Josh still doing good? how is he improving? Tell him to just be more aggresive, and really work on bounce passing, because you can get passes into pretty tight spots with a nicley placed bounce pass, and it´s harder to steal bounce passes. Josh just keep being aggresive and prove that you can play, and play well and just keep working hard, YOu growth spurt will come.....hopefully ;)

As for the rest of the week, sunday I spoke about La Virtud (virtue; for you non-spanish speakers) and it went well, Hermana George said my pronuciations is really good. The rest of this week has been kind of same as always, learn more spanish, get better at teaching play some b-ball, same as always, but it´s good.

So how are you guys doing? How´s everyones life? also since letters take forever i´d love it if all the kids e-mailed me as well so I can get stuff to read every P-day. Because p-days without letters makes an Elder very sad :( SP i´d love e-mails, and I print them off so I can read them after and send a letter in response.
another thing, has anyone besides family and band kids sent me a letter? Because I´ve only gotten letters from Dad and Mom and the kids and band Kids and one from Sister Merrick. Tell the friends they should write, like Chris and Mike and Tyler, I want to know how they´re doing. Also Get Jack´s Address for his mission to me, So I can write him.

Speaking of Merrick´s, Tell Chris that Elder Valle is now Serving a mission in Paraguay, Asuncion Norte. Elder Valle was Baptized by Chris when he was living in Melbourne. So tell Chris he did a good job and That Elder Valle says hi and he´ll never forget what Elder Merrick did for him in helping him change his life.

I love you guys, I don´t have time to write more, I talk to you next thursday, I love you 
Elder Duke (Jordan)

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