Monday, December 19, 2011

December 10, 2011: MTC Week 7

So this next week is the last week for me in the CCM. IT´s scary to think how fast time has flown.... I feel like I just left the SLC Airport and headed to Dallas. I´m super excited but really nervous at the same time. I know I don´t have the language down at all, far from it really, But I know that I will eventually. This last week has been great, I´ve gotten to know the new Elders and it´s always fun to meet new people and hear about their lives. Last Sunday was fast Sunday and I got up and testified a little about the Devotional that Elder Bednar gave a few moths ago. He related a story to the Elders and Sisters about how he always would get asked the same question. ¨"How do I know if it´s the spirit, or if It´s just me?" His response was what struck me the most. He said simply "Don´t worry about it. As long as your doing whats right and following the rules, your path will be guided." I really loved that and it helped me feel more confident in speaking up when I feel I need to say something. when we´re teaching. I also told everyone that I hope that I can actually tell what Dad says at the end of all his letters, when he writes in Spanish ;)
Proselyting was fun again this week. The beginning was a little depressing because our appointment with Carlos fell through, but we found more people and we got a few more referrals for the Missionaries here. I have another question for Dad though, other´s can put their input too. How would you help someone with making the decision to be baptized, if they know it´s right and they should, but their family has said they´ll "disown" them if they do? We got that in our Progressive Investigator and we got stuck and didn´t know what to say. I ´m just curious at how you would approach that situation.

Thanks for all the e-mails,  I haven´t read them yet but I´m sure their great. The packages still haven´t gotten here, but I´m hoping they´ll be here next week. I remember Mom saying something about a letter from Grandma also, which I haven´t received either... Oh well hopefully they´ll get here soon. 

So how about you guys are you doing good? How is school going for everyone? Has Josh won any games yet? Does Emily know where she´s going now? How´s Lauren doing with the flute? Good I hope. I took a peek at a couple of the emails and saw Kaili made Saber, That´s Great! Congrats! How´s Sarah? Still getting straight A´s I assume. Mom and Dad, how are you holding up? How´s work going? I know a lot of questions, but since I can´t be there I figured I need to ask to know.

I´m still hoping that I´ll get some friends to write but I can´t really expect much. How are Levi, Kyle, Alex, and April? They having any success? I would love to get their addresses so I can write them. Tell Jack have fun in Africa and good luck. Also a interesting fact I learned about in a devotional 1/3 of missionaries go to Latin America, and only 2% of missionaries go to African missions, so Jack is one of few. 

Well my time is coming to an end, I love you guys and can´t wait to talk to you again next week

love, Elder Duke (Jordan)

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